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Physical Therapist

Stefani Hemphill, PT, MPT

Stefani is a physical therapist that has been practicing since 2000.  She graduated with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary's College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Human Development from Vanderbilt University.

She incorporates movement education and mind body practices with traditional physical therapy.  She has been a certified Pilates trainer since 2001, and she uses Pilates, as well as other forms of corrective exercise, to help restore mobility, flexibility, strength and balance to the body.  She emphasizes educating clients about posture and body mechanics.  Her goal is to help clients appreciate the importance of strength and body awareness to their overall well being.

Stefani believes in an integrative medicine approach to treating an individual because of it's emphasis on the whole-person.  In her practice, she focuses on treating the person, not the diagnosis.  She knows that treatment is most effective when there is a partnership between the patient and herself, working towards a common goal. Stefani has a strong background in manual therapy, including CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.  In her years of practice, her studies have included advanced orthopedic/osteopathic techniques, sports and dance medicine and women's health, including pre/post partum treatment.