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Professional Testimonials on A.R.T.

"Making action films has really been tough on my body. Thanks to ART, I'm able to perform! After treatment, I feellll great... ready for the next challenging role." -Danny Glover, Professional Actor

"My injury left me with no chance of ever playing hockey again. Now, after being treated with ART and a proper rehabilitation program, I have completely regained my career in hockey." -Gary Roberts, NHL Forward

"Professional football is a tough sport. I prepare for each game using ART. The benefit to me? Just ask the guys I play against." -Bill Romanowski, NFL Linebacker

"All the doctors said I needed surgery for impingement syndrome in both shoulders. After one treatment, I rebooked all my competitions and trained to be in the best shape of my life." -Milos Sarcev, 1989 Mr. Universe

"I suffer from plantar fasciitis. I began using ART in 1998 and found something that actually helped. It works quickly and effectively." -Marla Runyan, 5000M Champion

"ART is nothing short of amazing. I don't think there's an athlete anywhere who couldn't benefit from it." -Muscle Media 2000, 1998

"...compared with similar studies in the literature (ART) was superior." -Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 1999

"ART seems fast, safe, and remarkably effective for injuries to muscles and connective tissues." -Men's Heath 1999

"The NFL, NHL, and MLB have begun contracting ART practitioners to keep players healthy." -Runner's World 2004

DISCLAIMER: These are professional testimonials on Active Release Technique only. These testimonials were found on www.activerelease.com and various other sources.